A Mercenary Gamble chapter 2 - another throw of the dice

Ebony and Ivory

We bimbled around for a day in Hammerfast.
We checked the investigation (No official progress)
We heard that the Three Brothers had been arrested (possible cover up)
We met Xerax, the proprietor of the Oakhall theatre, who seems inspired by our many glorious antics and dragon-slaying.
We sent scouts south to Glimmerpeak to confirm rumours of dragons (we owe 230gp to surviving guards).

Oh, and the Dragons arrived. One large black, and a smaller Icy-fog-wreathed blue-white dragon.
City guard has been roused. Defences raised.

  • John and Mond have run to alert the orcs in Uptown.
  • Krusk, Sylvo and Myrae are on a wall near a tower in Lowtown.


  • Get the party together again. Easiest for everyone to go to John.
  • John and Mond to keep their heads down a little until we can get there. It’ll serve no-one if the dragons slaughter us piecemeal.
  • Get through or over the gates/walls and join battle.

Possible Plans?

  • A ‘prone’ flying critter probably falls 10 squares or so. Jinx Shot, Whirlwind and another of Myrae’s powers can set Prone. We’re going to miss Lincoln, for this fight.
  • Focus fire, if at all possible. A dragon on 1hp will still dish out loads of damage.
  • Use cover and buildings to minimize our casualties.
  • Myrae’s dagger of Elemental Twist has a daily power that can strip a single immunity/resistance from a target for the encounter. She’d happily loan this out since it’s not her main thing.


Unfortunately, The party aren’t going to be the only ones zeroing in on John.

The dragons (or at least the black one) will definitely be heading my way. Luckily, I should have fervently religious orc armour. That is, armour made of fervently religious orcs. I think I need to stick close to, and ally myself with, the biggest orcs I can find. The one who wanted a big fight with me seems an ideal choice. There is numbers in strength.

If we can somehow delay a session before the big fight, Felix will be back on the 17th December…

Ebony and Ivory

A prone Dragon being kicked by several angry orcs ought to take a bit of punishment.
If you can sell Mond on the nobly chivalrous hiding behind the non-adventurer NPC townsfolk, we’ll be fine!

Ebony and Ivory

Fighting is ingrained into the Orcish soul. Forcing them to sit in a civilised city without giving them something to fight that presents a challenge to them is being cruel. And she wouldnt want to steal the glory from the Orcs who so deserve it, and need to prove themselves to their god, who is after all, a Warrior God.

Ebony and Ivory

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