A Mercenary Gamble chapter 2 - another throw of the dice

Hammerfast Heist Planning

Be vewwy quiet, we're hunting... dwarves

1. Write a Letter to Mr Whitman requesting a Very Valuable Cargo™
2. Arrange the overnight stopover and publicise it by arranging through official channels
3. Get Elder Kendred, Chief Orc whoever and maybe 1 more unimpeachable witness set up in the hide
4. Observe Robbery (hopefully)
5. Demonstrate that Persons Unknown have moved the VVC to the Trade Bank vaults in a suspicious fashion.

Anything else? Edit as required, JJ and Dan from notes.

Heist Planning – Part 2.

Okay, now we have proof that the consignment has been mysteriously tampered with, on to the next stage of the plan.

1. John retreats to the Hidden Coin casino, where the Anti Magic zone protects him from scrying.
2. We get someone to perform the Magic Map Ritual, using Johns Holy Symbol as the link item. This should point towards the location of Roy, hidden in the box they have stolen.
3. If the box is still in the city (as we believe it should be in the bank) this will be shown on the Map, and we can then meet up to remove the box from the area it is held in.
4. With our friendly senior Tax man, we recover the box, showing it to him as proof that it is the same box he inspected.
5. We can then perform “Object Reading” upon the box to see the face of the person who brought it into the storage location.
6. John uses the image he saw to create a “picture” of the person who stored it, using Prestidigitation, to see if anyone recognizes them.

That’s about where My planning ends. What are we missing?


Truth or Dare questions – for investigative clerics:

Taxman plus arcane inspector examined the box carefully and can confirm that the received box is not that box (TRUE).
We can state that the box we checked in was the box the taxman inspected (TRUE).

The checkin and receipt issuing guards at warehouse may state that the box we checked in fit the description of the taxman box (TRUE)
The checkin guards may say that the box checked in was the same as the false box that checked out (LIE)
Duril was present to attest that: The morning guards originally claimed the false box was the one appropriate to our receipt. (TRUE)

A ritual to find John will find his familiar (in the box) if John is in an AM zone.
The ritual will fail If the familiar is also in an AM zone, or if John’s familiar is with John (in an AM zone)
It ought to be possible to scry the location of John’s familiar (assuming no AM zone)?

The original box has been misfiled by the checkin guards?
The false box was picked in error by the retrieval guards?
Someone has deliberately altered the filing system to point our receipt at the false box?

What about performing Object Reading on the false box to see who substituted it?

Hammerfast Heist Planning

Good idea about object reading the False Box.
We need to determine if there are any other AM zones in the city that the church of Oghma know about. And if they are in places likely to be able to contain heist goods.

If we scry (I don’t have a ritual for that… it’s 14th Level) for the Familiar and he is still in the box, it will just be a black image, it wont show where the box is. It shows the familiar, who is inside a black unlit box. And if that box is in an AM zone, it won’t work anyway.

Thus if we cannot Magic Map the location of the Familiar, no other Magic will work to do so.

We need to check for other ways into the warehouse and thus potentially other ways OUT. Like the other warehouse has the entrance to the river in it… Perhaps there is a tunnel to another building…

We checked in the box ourselves the night before. The guards could not have misfiled it.
This leaves preposition 2 and 3.
The false box was picked in error. – If this is the case, the Guards would surely have not been so adamant it was the right box?
Someone has altered the filing system – which means the box is still in the Warehouse in another location within the building, and a visual inspection should find it.

The obvious #4 is that is was swapped out overnight by someone with access to the building that either stays inside there, or does not need to use the front entrance to make their way in or out. As teleport needs line of sight, and Passwall is 1000gp per use… I am inclined to think there is a trapdoor in there.

Hammerfast Heist Planning

We need a map to perform magic map – do we still have that?

Should we try to get the mayor involved to make sure the watch do a proper investigation?

What if the people at the hidden coin don’t let John in?

would it be worth speaking to the ex-adventurers at the Arcane star, too? they might know smething that could help…

Hammerfast Heist Planning

1. yes we still have the map
2. I don’t think so, the mayor may be part of it, they share the same name as major movers in the bank I think…
3. They have no reason to not let john in, he is a paying customer, so if they refuse him entrance for no reason, we can suspect them of involvement too. But I think that’s pushing things a little far.
4. It could be worth going to them to do the rituals, we know at least one of them is a ritualist. We also kind of trust them. They are in the wrong part of the city to realistically be involved in the scam.

Hammerfast Heist Planning

I think we can use our current interesting situation with the church of Oghma to get some churchy respectable people involved either to perform the ritual (magic map to find Jon), or witness and question with added Truth us regarding object reading the false box, or the guards etc who did check-in.

Armed with that sort of confidence, then we could go to the City Watch with very plausible information.

The Arcane Star proprietor may be handy but he’s an innkeeper in low town so lacks the cachet of the ordained clergy of the Oghman church.

Hammerfast Heist Planning

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