A Mercenary Gamble chapter 2 - another throw of the dice

Lizard Wizard!

OK, she's really a Dragonborn Artificer but that doesn't rhyme

Djered Thymar is architecturally impressive. By night, the Lance Defenders patrol the surrounding area on giant bats. The city is designed and garrisoned to repel attacks by flights of dragons. So says the guard commander, anyway.

Their quartermastering and culture are well developed, being able to supply and trade in magic items. And they sing and dance a bit, as well. More usefully, they’re a slave race, only recently having slipped the chains of their dragon masters. They understandably fear a return to subjugation, and devote their lives to military and community service, as well as studies of the surrounding area. They have no gods, and have not yet embraced those customs local to Toril.

Their libraries are impressive, yielding information about nearby locations of potential draconic significance.

1. The Reliquary of Tchazzar – Rumoured to contain the rites to allow the Red Dragon to return.
2. The Ash Gates in the Smoking mountains – Resting place of a volcano dragon?
3. The Sunken City of Messemprar – Underwater and plagued by Sahuagin. A wizard’s tower and academy that sunk rapidly. Likely loot and lore potential.
4. … Whatever the other one was.

We’ve met, or been assigned, a local guide. Zorah, a scribe and tinkerer. It’s hard to say what she might think or not, since she’s scaly and not a mammal. Her demeanor is usually positive and obviously interested in puzzles, language, culture and other scholarly stuff. She may be interested in securing such items as bolster the defense of her city, or reduce potential threats.

Consideration of necessary logistics required to operate under water means that we need a lot more money, or a sponsor for the expedition to Messemprar. If we find worthy lore in the Reliquary, we may be able to demonstrate our worth to the rulers of Djered Thymar.


I think we shouldnt ask too much about the one to “bring back” a dragon. That’s kinda the opposite of what the Dragonborn would want. Wasn’t there one that had huge adamantine gates? Is that the Volcano one? Heat protection items would be cheaper that all the gumpf we need for underwater adventuring…

Lizard Wizard!

It’s more the investigating and preventing anyone bringing back a dragon.
Or we (and the DB) leave the rumour and lore to chance and hope no-one else has a library, malign intent and devices that can bind dragons to their will. Oh… hang on.

Lizard Wizard!

Yeah, but we need to pitch it as “preventing anyone from…” rather than The location “contain(ing) the rites to allow the Red Dragon to return” – One is something the DB would avoid like the plague, the other is a viable DB sponsored Mission.

It may only be semantics, but when they are bigger, and harder than you, you learn to distinguish valid sentences from ones that will garner a negative response.

Lizard Wizard!


Also – Check the Trade Wishlist, we have about 10k of space for shinies.

Lizard Wizard!

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