A Mercenary Gamble chapter 2 - another throw of the dice

Our Work Here is Done!

Hammerfast reels from its recent troubles. The survivors will mourn those many lost. Two dragons lie slain but at great cost. Mond, Krusk and Myrae are variously battered and weary.

Myrae’s most weary of ungrateful bloody dwarves, so we ought to move on anyway before we have to fight our way out of town. But we need to get John raised soonest and inconveniently he’s the only one who knows ritual magic.

If the Dwarves to try and take us, I think we shouldn’t let ourselves get arrested. If we have to use lethal force to resist arrest – is there anyone else we ought to be killing once we’re murderers again?

Things to do as preparations to leave.

  1. Do NOT Split up!
  2. No, really – I mean it – do NOT split up. If the Dwarves try to take us, we want to be together.
  3. Leave a sum of money with Xerax to commission the play(s) regarding the Heroes of Hammerfast.
  4. Pick up Mond’s armor unmodified or arrange for it to be sent onwards?
  5. Send word to Elder Kendred to see if he’ll raise John. If so, maybe we can arrange a meeting outside of town.
  6. Does Thoraya have enough levels to cast Raise Dead (L8) if he learned it from John’s book?
  7. Handover any and all investigation matters outstanding back to the halflings. Hopefully the Circle of Stone will have lost people in the defence, but I doubt we’d be that lucky.

Things to do as actually leaving

  1. Gather gear.
  2. Leave word at the Arcane Star that other things for us are to be put in John’s chest for later summoning? Will this work?
  3. Dig up the money cache
  4. Head to nearest source of a Raise Dead ritualist, and then Northwards.


4. if the armour gets delivered to the Arcane Star, then they can put it in the large chest John had commissioned for His Leomunds Secret Chest ritual, and can be summoned to us wherever we are. There’s about a week left to go on the chest.

6. Nope. Low level rituals are all they have which means they aren’t gonna be good enough to do it that way. Maybe Kendred? or store John until the next town where our reputation hasn’t preceded us.

Leaving 2. Yes, that will work. The Chest is large enough to hold several man-sized items and will come when I summon it.

Our Work Here is Done!

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