A Mercenary Gamble chapter 2 - another throw of the dice

There's No Justice

Certainly not in Hammerfast where we’re persona non grata despite removing the threat of nearby dragons from them. Meeting up with Justice and Lincoln on the way out was pleasant. We gather gear and free Sylvo from the evils of yet another breakfast chez halflings.

We arrange for the proprietor of the Arcane Star to accept delivery of John’s ritual chest.
We retrieve Mond’s armour, unmodified from the armoursmith.

Sgt Trass is a bit mean at the gates, attempting to delay us until reinforcements arrive, but we’re too smart to drink the poisoned offerings and too nice to start killing him and his relatively blameless men. We are the embodiment of charm and patience and after a while, he lets us go on our way.

We divert to reclaim our cache of gold and buried loot, then find a location with good visibility from which to resurrect John. Justice starts the ritual and the rest of us rest or take watch as appropriate. The ritual finishes early with John waking, feeling refreshed and wiser after his departure.

Lincoln’s sharp senses spot an approaching woman, who looks like Myrae. A brief discussion on the nature of doppelgangers ensues in which people suggest killing a suspect as a way to determine their true nature. Myrae disagrees. Eventually a plan is hatched by which Sylvo goes to ask a question of the 2nd Myrae that he’s unaware of the answer to. As he returns with this vital information, Myrae2 runs back towards the 6 githyanki who’re her escort.

We suspect they’re agents from Eldredd pursuing justice (small j) and attempting to bring Myrae in. They don’t bother to speak to us, though and a fight ensues in the copse we chose for its visibility.

After a bloody fight, Krusk and Sylvo are a bit the worse for wear, and Justice is dead again. We start to pick over the bodies, hoping they hold some clue as to motive or identity. Failing that, some loot is always nice.

The next question is – Do we raise Justice?



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