A Mercenary Gamble chapter 2 - another throw of the dice


Well, not quite totally. We did manage to subdue a lot of the Temple guardians that scrambled to our entry. Except for the Hydra that was on about 25% health when we disengaged.

The corpses of John, Mond and Myrae lie in the store room near the base of the main stairs with all their gear.

Having lured the Hydra outside the temple, Krusk, Zorah and Sylvo may be able to get in relatively unmolested. Lit torches seem to protect from the elemental guardians, and reinforcements for the temple guards might take a while to get organized.

Raising dead costs ~5000gp per body but only requires some body part to work with.. (needs checking)
Party kitty (on John, I think) has about 7000gp left in it after the sale of goods at Djered Thymar.
There’s a bounty of 10,000gp on Myrae at Eldredd – If the logistics of delivery and collection can be handled.


I’d like to keep playing John. Though I am also open to other characters if the recovery process is not a good plan.


Oh, and we should be getting a couple of new bodies at the next DnD session, so perhaps we could have ‘temporarily NPC’ Assistance in the recovery of the bodies, to see if they like the game?


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