A Mercenary Gamble chapter 2 - another throw of the dice

Wrapping up.

Excellent final battle, well done all. We were fortunate not to lose anyone.

Random bullet-points for consideration, edit and comment

* Loot the Tower.

Fixtures, fittings, shinies, everything worth lifting. If we can make a future passer by think that some especially avaricious locusts swarmed it, so much the better.

Pay especial attention to:
- Documents, plans, maps of the Cult
- Arcane-vision for shinies
- Secret compartments in desks, walls, floors
- Robes, Jewellery, gems etc.
- Keep an eye out in case a suspicious Raven shows up (and destroy it)

* Secure the bodies.

I think we want to make it difficult for anyone to raise Darvin or… the other guy. What’s appropriate for corpse burning and destruction.

  • John will be taking Darvins corpse. I was thinking of ensuring a complete and utter return to the soil for his remains… via some rose-enhancing manure functions (converting him into tiger dung, and digging him into the soil of the flowerbeds near the arcane star.)

* Caravan robbery

- Leave a big sign in Common at the Bandit Camp saying. (might want to raze the camp to the ground first, so they have no supplies or equipment to return to)
“If you’re alive enough to read this, sod off and get an honest job.
If we find you doing robbery again we’ll not be so merciful.”
- Check on the bandit status and the caravan guards. Help mop up stragglers if applicable, deal with wounded guards as necessary.
- Question survivors (and documents from tower) to see if Teras is implicated
- Report in to Elder Kendred and the Hall of Justice.

* Shinies!

What are we going to do with this Orb? It’s probably quite valuable, just not here in Hammerfast. We may need it as ‘evidence’ to back up our tales that this is what the Cult of Grazzt is up to

  • John is fine with keeping it with the … oh yeah, you don’t know about that one. Erm, John will look after it. He can intimidate Dragons, you know…

* The Future

What are we going to do now? We’ve gone from being itinerant mercenaries to quite respectable badasses. We’re probably reasonably wealthy, if we just wanted a small house and a life. Why’re we going to keep on risking life and limb doing this crazy stuff?

Myrae would like to investigate the situation back home (but maybe this can be done by agents in the first instance to see if a coup is viable). Also, hiding in the Underdark is the ideal foil to being hunted by demon-worshippers.

John is getting wanderlust. Settling in one place for long seems… dangerous. As Justice said, they will be after us to return the orb to their control. Keeping mobile seems a good way to keep them at arms length.

Plan B – Pre-emptive. How do we hunt the other Grazzt cells and take their orbs too (or go after unsecured orbs). Or maybe even get Paid to go after unsecured orbs by the Harpers etc. ?

* Anything else?


As Justice will not be there he will as usual suggest gentle reposing the bodies then burning then putting the ashes to wind (no trophies allowed!). At the moment carrying on adventuring seems like the only option when we are all going to be hunted down to get the orb back.

Wrapping up.

The tower isn’t a small structure, and is pretty well filled with stuff. Stripping it to the stones & timbers is something that’s either going to take quite a few trips or a bunch of wagons. On the other hand, even though it’s now lacking a door and a roof, it’s still a solid defensive structure so long as you’re not assailed by flying/ethereal/burrowing foes, so there’s probably no hurry.

If you do want to give the tower a thorough going over we can handle how that works out and what that turns up next session. Speaking of which, I’d like next session to mostly be planning, and discussing the directions you (both as a party or as IC and OOC individuals) would like to go from here. If anyone feels their character wouldn’t be interested in following the group’s consensus then this would be a good time to throw around alternate ideas. If you did want to get the Harpers involved, then making contact shouldn’t be too hard, but as with any job, when someone’s paying you to do something, they often want a say in how it’s done…

Wrapping up.

-Looting: Mond isn’t fussed about keeping anything from the tower, but you guys knock yourselves out.
-Corpse Disposal: I trust Justice’s counsel on the subject so whatever he suggests.

- Caravan Robberies: I love the idea of dealing with this without killing all the bandits, so that would be nice, as long as we stick around long enough to ensure that the situation really is resolved.

- The Future: Taking down an evil cult sounds good to Mond. She’d also be happy to go back to helping the werewolves (and incidently, would like to avoid slaughtering them on a full moon ever again). Going after the ‘bad’ Minotaurs is another option?

Wrapping up.

OK, we only loot the valuable stuff from the tower. Sheesh. :)

Wrapping up.

Vsluable, or portable LOL – Bag and Cloak for the Win

Wrapping up.

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