Moloz'hintekk of house kal'daka le'i

Drow just like every other Drow except what looks like a permanent case of sun burn white hair that has turned slightly blond and obsidian skin that as taken on a redish tint... From the sun burn.


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Born to two Traitor Drow in the city of Thay, both were outcast for their love for each other and had to ‘relocate’ in a hurry. After years of travelling they finally settled in Thay. They were both sorcerers and could not understand why when their son was born and grew of age he chose to enrol in the Thay wizards school instead of learning their ways. Molo cares little for the concerns of others unless he can see a benefit in caring. That is to say He would save the life of a child who was about to be trampled by a run away horse but only because the child might one day grow up to be useful to him. His parents told him tails of their home land and in confused and bored him. It sounded a lot like the members of his race were born to be crewel and thoughtless. HE knew from the start others would consider him evil but what his race did just seemed so pointless at times. What was the point of sacrificing so many when they could have been useful as gifts or test subjects and the ones that were test subjects in the Arcane studies usually suffered and died again what was the point? A test subject that is alive and able to assist in study is of far more value than a corpse. He excelled at his studies and was treated with fear and respect but not for his abilities but because of his race. This always angered him but he ignored it and simply got on with his studies. He made friends with a human female called Kathalin a free slave who worked in the kitchens. They grew close. She was almost the exact opposite to Molo, kind and caring even he was at a loss to why they were friend the relationship was public knowledge as the two of them saw no point in hiding it. One day the son of the elven arch mage Kiefen took Kathalin. The shame of it was too much for her to bare and he killed herself with a knife that Kiefen kept in his bedside table. She slit her own throat coating the bed with blood. It took nearly a week for Molo to hind out what had happened, eventually having to torture of of Kiefen’s lackeys to find out. Molo stood still for a long time after that almost a an hour before he realised he had crushed the lackeys throat, or more to the point the fire warrior he had summoned had done it as a reflex to his shear will and rage. He went after Kiefen challenging him to a wizards duel. Kiefen just laughed in his face and turned his back. With a howl of rage Molo let lose every spell he knew. When the smoke cleared and the fires were put out Molo was gone along with the dagger from the now dead Kiefen’s bed side table. He knew he had to get out of the city and fast. He returned home to pick up a few things. As soon as he knocked on the door his father opened it took one look at his charred and soot covered son and knew what had happened. No good byes were exchanged between child and parents that day. Only Molo’s father ordering his son to return one day when his powers were such that he could become the Arch mage and erase the crime. Having lived in Thay and the academy all his life Molo had only read of the world in books. He headed west and beheld the sea for the first time. He spent weeks simply watching the Gulf of Luiren completely enthralled by it. Not because it was beauty and not because it was something he had never witnessed before but because realised that it was if such vast and incredible power and it there is one thing Molo respects its power. He may also have been trying to work out a was of harnessing it… He carries a small knife as a pendant around his neck and has a dislike of anything elven even his own kind. Its nothing personal its just they all remind him of Kiefen and what he did to Kathlin. He believes all the leaders of Thay are pointless barbarians who have lost their way. The pointless crewlty and foolish notions of power would one day be toppled. They had become soft, weak and decident in their apithy believing themselves to be untouchable. Molo would reminded them one day that all things can died, all mortals can bleed and if you cast enough spells one of them will find their mark.

Moloz'hintekk of house kal'daka le'i

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