Eskar Swordson

Human Tactical Warlord


Upon meeting Eskar, your first impression is the smell. It’s that curious mixture of steel, oil, horses, leather and tobacco that is the unmistakable hallmark of a professional soldier. A profession that wouldn’t otherwise be so apparent given the unremarkable stature of Eskar. Unremarkable that is until you catch his gaze, which is cold, calculating and unflinching, the kind of stare that seems to be evaluating ever possibility and probability.

Born and raised in the Border Kingdoms Eskar was a baby caught up in one of those dirty little wars that are so characteristic of that part of Faerun. Orphaned by a bloody raid on his village, he was adopted by one of the cooks in local Noble’s household. It is from here that he gets name, Swordson, as he was born from the Sword. Without the temperament for the culinary arts, he soon found himself hanging around the Noble’s warband and soon became a stablehand looking after the horses and equipment. From there he has marched to the beat of the drum of war and in the Border Kingdoms that rhythm is relentless.

Despite not being the biggest or more powerful of warriors, Eskar showed an aptitude for the more cerebral of the arts of war. Strategy, tactics, logistics and leadership were the weapons in his arsenal and his rise through the ranks was swift. Soon enough he was leading Warbands in battle in the name of his Noble and winning glory on the battlefield.

Tired of the perpetual war that is the inevitable conclusion of such evenly matched sides with noone having the strength to deliver a knockout blow, the final straw for Eskar was a brutal winter campaign in which a fierce rearguard action saw numerous villages burnt, livestock slaughtered, wells poisoned and civilians made into refugees. Seeing no end and no future, he has decided to strike out into the world to seek fame, fortune and, just perhaps, something representing a normal life.

Either way, as someone who has no idea of his past, he’s determined to be carve himself a future.

Eskar Swordson

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