The Second Chapter

Welcome to this, the second chapter of the Mercenary Gamble. The first chapter may be found here

Our intrepid party consists of:

The Circus

Johnathan Schmidt, known as “The Walker”, Weretiger Bard/Cleric/Ranger/Ritualist

Sieghild, known as Mond, Minotaur Paladin of Selune

Sylvo, Misunderstood Little Halfling Rogue and juggler

Myrae, Drow Princess in exile and acrobat

Justice, Human Invoker (and Evangelist) of Kelemvor (Recently Resurrected)

Krusk the Barbarian Strongman

Lincoln the troubled Selunite Werewolf

The Support Acts

Siegfried the Tiger, Johnathan’s Companion

Roy the Ghost Kitten, Johnathan’s Familiar

The Honored Dead (and others)

Quildaro, Deceased Eladrin Swordmage

Kaylea the Shaiith, Deceased Drow Ranger

Z-zygon, Deceased Githzerai Monk (Good at jumping)


Cyan, Retired Svirfneblin Rogue

Moloz’hintekk of House Kal’daka Le’i, Retired Drow Wizard


Pavak Kinless, Petrified Goliath Executioner


Eskar Swordson, Missing Human Warlord

Sarkhan, UnPetrified and Departed Mentalist

Seat, Wandered off Gnome Paladin and desert guide.

A Mercenary Gamble chapter 2 - another throw of the dice

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