A Mercenary Gamble chapter 2 - another throw of the dice

Out of the Frying Pan (again)

Whew! That’s time to think and recap, then.

Forest:1 Us: 2 – An owlbear ate Justice’s head. We scraped together enough stuff to raise him though so I think we’re ahead on points. Johnathan jumped in a magic pool which messed him up a bit into an odd tigermonster. Seriously, that’ll cramp his style when it comes to dealing with ladies in town. We ought to promote Krusk to be the new Face-man of the party. Oh, yeah, there was some interesting magic stuff going on with the pool. Maybe someone better’n me would understand exactly what, but hey. Stuff gets more powerful when dipped.

Theopolis: 1 Us:200 or so. Idiot girl, Myrae! Never ever eat the free food offered by the absurdly hospitable strange people! To be honest, eating the food prepared by Johnathan and the hamper is a bit risky, but if the option is striking out alone it’s probably better with this lot. Hopefully the old sage boy will be happy with what we found, but I doubt anyone wants to send a trip out to play tag with the Abboleth just yet. Must spread rumour that Eskar Swordson’s settled out there to try and drag off pursuit, since it looks like he’s about to take up permanent residence. And really? an Abboleth. That’s just plain wrong. We got a glorious fight out of it though, Krusk is wonderful, for a human. Stick him in a pinch-point and let the hordes wash up against him. We totally smote their untrained civilian asses.

So, unarmed and wearing the most unflattering of homespun peasant pyjamas we fled and fortunately found the rest of our gear with the aid of some wandering Goliath. I still don’t know what it was doing around there, but I don’t think it’s after us, yet. Anyway, we armed up and saw the Abboleth wobble its way out to try and stop us, but we ran like very scared people and it was all Okay.

Still no loot. But we did find another pool on the way out of the woods. Killed a hydra, dunked some stuff in the water. Hopefully it’ll be okay. My hands still come out of the gauntlets, which is a plus over Pavak and his armor. Let’s see what they do once we’re clear of Derlusk. That sad murder notwithstanding, I don’t want to tempt anyone with this bounty, this close to Eldredd, and I want to get somewhere further away, ideally with some more drow around.

Visit the mad librarian, give the evidence of the City. Warn him about the Abboleth if it seems relevant.
Run off to the Shar Desolation. My that sounds fun. I bet Justice’ll try and irrigate the blasted sands.

Busy busy busy.


Wait. What? You want Krusk to be the suave, smooth-talking lady-killer of the party? Instead of the lovable, hit first, ask questions if it occurs to him, drunk secret agent that he currently is?
We’re doomed!

Out of the Frying Pan (again)

Well… He’s Lady Killer if that’s what happens to get in the way of the Axe…

Out of the Frying Pan (again)

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