A Mercenary Gamble chapter 2 - another throw of the dice


On our way to the Mountains to free the Dragonborn tribe from the Dragon of Oppression (+2) – and maybe discover if it had been suborned by an evil cult – we were attacked by Ogres!

We stood around in their open-ground ambush zone long enough to ascertain that they had numerical advantage as well as having chosen open terrain befitting their ugly yet fleet-footed forces. We ran like hell, narrowly saving Mond.

We return at dead of night to the Ogre cave and brutally slay a weak ogre on watch before sneaking in, extinguishing a torch and killing another ogre in the dark. When the ogres retreat to alert ‘the Boss’ we flee again an plot to block their chimney.

this didn’t work, but we found another pair of ogres and were nearly able to kill both before the alarm was raised. A rather tense battle occurred with us narrowly avoiding losing Mond and Azabelle again, since they’re the ones who stand next to angry ogres.

Sylvo’s scouting within the cave reveals a woman, in rusty chains, apparently guarded by a large ogre. It’s unclear whether the woman, or the other large ogre is the boss.

We’ve killed 2 weak ogres, and 2 strong ogres.

Still remaining are: 2 weak ogres, 2 strong ogres, an additional strong ogre, and the woman.

Myrae thinks we should rescue the woman, because no-one should be kept in chains.

(( Simon won’t be here next D+D due to being in Wales on holiday! ))


So, Simon is eschewing the wet, hilly region of fantasy and Dragons… to … no wait, I got that the wrong way round…


The woman turned out to be a disguised Ogre Magi, and the six of them proved a challenge, but ultimately defeated by the teamwork and strategy of The Bard and Barbarian on Team A, and the Two Paladins and the Dragonborn on Team B.


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